Tile Type
Pixels Wide
Pixels High
Physical Width
Physical Height

Tile Color Scheme

Color Set 1
Color Set 2
Screen Options
Screen Name
Data Signal Flow
String Color
Tile Indexing Options

Coordinate Style

Index Color
Border Options

Tile Border

Processor Border

Screen Border

Overlay Options
Test Pattern Options
Circle / Cross Color
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Output Stuff
Processor Type

Choose a processor type

Width Limit
Height Limit
Pixel Limit
Port Limit
Availble Output Sizes

Output options dictated by processor selection.

Output thumbs...
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Pixel Mapulator - Beta. Thanks for checking out the beta. Please send feedback to blinkingthings@gmail.com.
Project Structure

Projects are made up of Screens, Processors and Outputs. Processors are arrnaged in different ways within screens and outputs. All three types of images can be downloaded using the appropriate download button at the top of the page.

Uneven Port Length

Uses maximum ammount of tiles (within processor pixel limit) per port string.

Even Port

End port strings at last even column/row. Contorlled with "Fit Port Strings to Screen" checkbox on the Screen tab under data signal flow options.

Unbalanced Processors

Use the maximum ammount of available output area while remaining within processor limits.

Balanced Processors

Evenly distribute screen area amongst the required processors. Results in processor areas of closer to equal size.

Activated using the "Balance Processor Loads" checkbox on the output view tab.

  • Projects are structured as follows. Project contain Screens, Outpus and Processors. Processors are determined by screen settings. Processors are arranged differenly depending on screen view vs output view.
  • Custom tiles, processors and outputs are turned off at the moment. Please stick to what is in the dropdowns.
  • Things are geared towards working for someone with little to no knowledge of an LED system, with increasing levels of complexity available to advanced users if they please. This may make it seem like you don't have as much customization options as in the past.
  • The processors in the library have predefined width, height, and pixel limits. These aren't user-editable at the moment
  • Outputs are automatically built by grouping processors together efficiently, regardless of what screen a processor belongs to.
  • Try adding a few screens, and changing each ones colors to see how they are being broken up into outputs
  • Alot of screen wide overlays are broken in the output view. This is being worked on.
  • Remove screen button coming shortly
  • Offsets are basically diasbled at the moment as all offsets of processors within outputs are calculated automatically
  • Try playing with the automatically square off data ports and average processor resolution limit options.
  • The JSON file you can download will reveal a much more detailed list of info that can be used and will most likely be implemented one way or another
  • I am not a javascript developer but I'm stumbling through this because people find this tool usefull and I enjoy learning. Please get in touch if this tool is useful to you and you're interested in helping develop the project further.